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Raghunandan Prasad & Company is synonym to INDIAN MARBLE (Makrana Marble), which is the best quality marble in the world as it contains more than 90% calcium carbonate(caco3). 

Raghunandan Prasad & Company is located at Makrana in the state of Rajasthan, which is the north west of India, Makrana has  very large deposits of white  & grayish quality marbles, presently more than 1000 quarries are operational and many more are under development. Further new quarries of Mirage Green & and Mirage Brown deposits are discovered in abundance which is a new launch in the world of marble. 

The marble deposits are expected to last more than 500 years at the present growing rate of mining at Makrana. 
Raghunandan prasad & company is also dealing in the slate. 

We, at Raghunandan Prasad & Company, are the leading manufacturers of Marble and sandstone Slabs, Tiles & Marmo Tiles in Makrana. It is an ideal model for industrial entrepreneurship. 


                 We are engaged in the business since 1930. We have some of the best quality machines with well developed and mechanized mining and processing division. 


                  One diamond gang saw, edge cutters, block dressing unit to cut marble and polishing machines for slabs and tiles in various sizes. 


                  Integrated Tiling plant machines which are from Italy. 


                We are presently producing over 105,000 Sq. Mtr. Marble Slabs and 85,000 Sq. Mtr. Marble Tiles per year. Productivity can be increased to the required extent. 


               We are presently producing Marble and Sandstone Slabs and Tiles. Our main products are all variety of Makrana Marble, Mirage Green & Brown, Black Panther, Golden Yellow, Teak and Rainbow. We can supply Marble  Slabs in required sizes in 20MM and above thickness and Marmo Tiles in 10MM and above thickness. 

Our products are approved and accepted in market as per international specifications and standards. 


              We have updated and most modern advanced, State-of-the-art, technology for making Tiles, according to international specification and standards. Our plant consists of latest Italian technology, which produce huge quantity of Marmo Tiles. 


             We have very professional, experienced and qualified team for Tiles production. Our export department is fully equipped with most modern communication systems like Computers, Fax, Modem and e-mail. For convenient approaching to valuable customers. 

The colour and texture of natural stones may be vary slightly in the deposits.
The picture cannot even do the full justice to the deep and rich colour of  the material

We sell only to serious buyers interested in container quantities. It is possible to mix Tiles and Slabs.










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